Monday, May 9, 2011

class assignment - writing style

Zooming through space.

In the first paragraph, address the content of the article: what do you think are its most interesting points? What do you most agree (or disagree) with? And in the second paragraph, write some remarks on the writer's style. How would you describe their writing style? What are some sentences or phrases that stand out to you, and why?

I think the most interesting point of this article is the the personal tie to my art and newfound zoom technology...
i recently just realized how beautiful the motion of zoom is, to capture something up close with the smallest intimate details then pan out and capture the bigger picture.
i also thought it was interesting that 'zooming' has had its popular and unpopular times in history and has bounced back and forth.. the way it can give an improvisational feel or an optical rhythm just shows the great range that the use of zoom can give...
i like the way he writes but sometimes it doesn't flow that easily for me... he seems very excited and wanting to give a lot of information about the subject but if it was split up and categorized a little better i think it'd flow better. but he is very very descriptive and gives a ton of information without me having to use another source to find out more facts..
"The Tarkovskyan zoom is spirit, breath (the zoom's movement into the landscape echoes the mysterious wind that blows across the field near the beginning of the film). It realizes the promise of photography: unmooring perception from space. At the same time, it insists on the earth and its presence."
this is personally my most favorite quote in the article because it gives me so much inspiration as an artist, cinematographer, and photographer... i like the way he describes the use of zoom as something more than just a technique but as its own art form. it gives it that much more of an artistic meaning..

by kasey hartsock

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