Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A scene that felt very real

"In Her Shoes" is a studio film about two sisters, Rose the oldest and Maggie the youngest, and their very different lives. In the movie they end up parting ways due to Maggie's selfish and inmature actions. This leads them to find out that their maternal grandmother is alive (though their mother has passed).

About three-quarters of the way through the movie, the two sisters are at their grandmother's house in the bathroom; their first time together since their fight. In this scene we learn that the Rose knew all along that their mother did not die from a car accident, as Maggie had been told, but committed suicide. She also begins to tell her about how their mother had a mental illness, and Maggie never heard the fights that their parents would get into because Rose would take Maggie into her bedroom and turn the record player on so she would not hear them. Rose spent most of her life up to this point protecting Maggie.

This seemed very real because the camera shots jump back and forth between each sister depending on who is speaking. Each shot jumps from either being pretty close up on one sister, to jumping back for a minute to see the body language of the other sister. They are also having this conversation in a bathroom which, in my experience, seems to be the place where some serious discussions can end up taking place between women-or sisters for that matter.

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