Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sundance 2011

The Sundance Festival kicked off it's 2011 edition this weekend -- for better or worse, Sundance is the contact point where indy film and mainstream culture most directly meet. The website for the festival is here:

And here are a few resources for ongoing coverage of the festival and the films making their premieres there. Here's coverage from the perspective of a couple critics working for the pop-culture arm of The Onion:

The Onion AV Club.

And here's coverage from a couple more "institutional" perspectives:

The Hollywood Reporter.


Lastly, from the "old news" department -- I had an animated short in the first iteration of Sundance's online component to the festival, back in 2001 -- I did a write-up about it for the Animated News Network. If you're interested in what the festival looked like from the point of view of an absolute small-fry, here it is:

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