Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Virginia Wolf's 'Orlando', directed by Sally Potter.

Sally Potter directed the screen adaptation of Virginia Wolf's novel, 'Orlando: A Biography'.
Starring Tilda Swinton as Orlando (the book entirely fictional) reverberates the thin line between female and male. It meanders through the centuries starting in the Elizabethan age and ending in the current time (being 1992, when the film was shot).
     Orlando the immortal, changes from a man to a woman half way through the decades and encounters all that humans struggle with, love, sex, death, reasoning, philosophy, gender indifference, and nature.
     What I relate to and what Potter is able to capture, is the beautiful true frustratingly strange and fluid way humans interact with each other, of Orlando's struggle with these interactions and mastery of such and of being a human itself. Swinton shows these instense reflective moments in the close ups of her face when she looks directly into the camera, pause, then cut. In that silent moment you perceive a million words.

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