Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Meshes of the Afternoon

This short  film has so much abstract symbolism that it's almost difficult to focus on something in particular yet astounded by how many times the symbols keep reappearing. Therefore I am combining my sequences and images into a summary to try and explain what they mean themselves and in context with everything else taking place.

One of the first details shown to us in the movie is a hand holding a flower (I LOVE this image) on a long driveway which to me meant spring, life, and in bloom even though used upside down and not in a very pretty manner.
Again the flower is used in a scene where it's carried by the "grim reaper" figure which I now see the flower as a symbol of death and dead end because as she chases the figure it only leads her back to her door step... So maybe there is still a sign of beginning again.

Some of the other symbolism used is a key in particular. In this film it's used in a couple different ways one of the first is when we see the main character take a key out of her mouth. It becomes a symbol of a weapon when it turns into a knife and uses to confront herself. This sends a message of knowledge or answers as a weapon.
Which leads me to believe that this film deals with a little self discovery or looking inward.
Another usage of a key is directly after, falling down stairs, which seems to mean that the answers are slipping out of her hands or not getting any closer. Something is out of her reach or grasp and even the "down stairs" has a negative quality of disappearing.

Kasey Hartsock

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