Wednesday, April 6, 2011


After viewing both movies I choose to discuss Meshes of the Afternoon. Both films were “out there” but Dali’s movie was a little more, but had some sort of plot. Both films were very eery, and simply annoying. Why do they use “head ache music / sounds”? Both dealt with the concept of death. This concept was hidden a little more in Meshes of the Afternoon.

Meshes started out with an arm piercing into the frame vertically holding a flower. The arm was to long to be considered normal. Thus I thought the rest of the film would have similar aspects of distortion. Although there was not in actual form like the arm. But rather in time. This distortion I speak about was when she came up the stairs, each time it was slightly different. One time slow motion, another time it was as if the house was shaking or if gravity had been shifted.

The symbols I found to be interesting where the key, knife, and grim reaper. After watching the whole film I believe the key and the door was a metaphor for the after life. As if she was dead and this was her key into heaven or maybe hell. Now the thought of hell could be what this film was about? It might, but back to the key and knife. There is a scene where the key turns into the knife. I think the knife is a murder weapon. The women does “die” I believe. Thus she was murdered. Then there was the grim reaper figure. I say this because he in my mind is the true simple of death, and I particularly enjoy the scene where he lays the flower in the bed. I see that as, “Your Dead” although in a graceful way.

In the end, both films were unique and something I would never want to watch again. Although they have aspects I particularly enjoy, such as the slow motion and the use of symbols.

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