Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thoughts on Meshes of the Afternoon

'Meshes of the Afternoon', was a creepy short film. I had no working speakers at the time I watched this film so I watched it silently. It was interesting and I actually enjoyed the film because I was able to make sense of the different events happening to her.

The first image I really liked was her taking the key out of her mouth. To me this symbolized her holding the key to her destiny, which ended up being death.

The second image that struck me as interesting was the grim reaper figure with a mirror face. I loved this. Its weird, creepy and sort of scary, especially if you're watching this alone, at work, with no sound. I also have an active, wild imagination so that works against me sometimes. I would be pretty freaked out if I walked up stairs here at work and found a person standing in a black cloak who turned to me and all I saw was myself in their face. I felt this symbolized herself and what she was about to do to herself.

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