Friday, April 1, 2011

Response to The Cry of Jazz

1. I think it’s a convincing case that jazz is a form of political expression. I can understand the point the African-American’s were trying to make; that jazz was created as a release and then others tried to take it away for themselves. I can also understand the point of jazz being dead because they felt it did not belong to them anymore and also because they felt they could not go any further in the music. They had done all they could, and could not create anything else. I do not however, feel that jazz is dead. It is still being played and listened to today. 2. I was much more interested in the narrated scenes. I really enjoyed listening to the music in the background as he talked about jazz music. I could have done without the conversational scenes. The conversational scenes seemed way too rehearsed and boring. 3. I think it is still relevant in the sense of using music as an expression of current moods and situations. It is not relevant in how people treat each other today.

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