Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cry of Jazz Response


I believe the picture this movie os painting, try’s to further the gap between black and white. Although that is my perspective from this modern day. Back then there was a a separation between black and white, and as we all know the African Americans were treated unfairly. I think Alex’s case that Jazz was and is “black” is correct. I’m glad this film maker stood up and “took” (displayed and discussed through film) what was “his” (African Americans).

Alex’s case that Jazz is “black” was convincing enough, although I believe he should have had more facts and history behind it. I particularily like the part where he describes New Orleans Jazz and the differences it has verses other types of Jazz. He made it sound as if the “white” man didn’t know. (As a “white” man, I did not know).

I am not to sure his case for Jazz being dead was accurate. I understand the analogy he was trying to get across, but it didn’t really make since to me. I believe Alex was upset about the white man trying to take / claim Jazz as their own. In that perspective as a black man I would claim Jazz to be dead.


My favorite part of the film was when the girl was talking about how she didn’t understand, and the other African American male said “Then you must be dumb”. I got a kick out of that, ha. This part lead into the most effective part of the movie when Alex was explaining the outside (of America) view on blacks and whites. He said they think black people are “warm” while the white man can not be trusted. As for the most ineffective part of the film must have been when Alex tried to explain you can not change the rythm of Jazz. He touched on why, but I just did not understand. This was part of the death of jazz / ending of the movie. This made no sense to me.


I feel as if this movie is a snapshot in time. It was good to see a “black” man’s perspective on the “white” man in the 1950s. I personally hate the “white” man and believe Alex had every right to say what he did, and agreed with it. Now days as I stated earlier, I think there should not be a line drawn between black and white. We are past that!

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