Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fictional Character: Cleo 9-5 Response

Betsy is a 19 year old college student just as excited as all her other classmates for this years spring break.  Cancun, Mexico is where her and 4 of her closest friends decided to party in the warm sunny climate.  Suitcases filled with new swimsuits, hats, sunglasses, short shorts, and tank tops covered her dorm room floor. Gathered in the lobby with smiles on all there faces took one last look in there purses to make sure that they all had there passports along with there plane tickets. Check that off the list!

            Arriving at the Marriot Resort they all raced to the suite with the bellhop far in the distance.  Quickly ripping off the tags of there swimsuits headed out to the gorgeous infinite pool.  The smell of the coconut mixed drinks, along with sun tan oil distracted them from one missing person.  As the day progressed with the bar servers coming to there pool chairs taking orders, they finally noticed that Betsy was not with them.

            They all looked at each other with awe in their faces and began to panic.  Running in the lobby the out spoken one asked the concierge if he happened to see a small white girl with red hair walk in with a bright pink suitcase. With the 5 seconds of silence they couldn’t take it and went straight up to the room to see the horrible sight of there best friend drenched with blood in the bathtub.  Screams were heard miles away reporters say. All the friends looked at themselves knowing they had a horrifying mystery on there hands.

Kasey Hartsock

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