Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Place Not To Far From Here...

There is a place I have been visiting daily every summer for the past decade. This place is where most of my friends meet, to either hang out, or use it for its purpose. This place was the grounds I grew up on, with out it I would probably be a different person. I witnessed the construction, opening, closure and re-opening of it. The place in which I talk about is the Incline Skatepark.

Over the years I have seen many things go down there. Not only have I witnessed my own personal progression in the sport, I have seen my close friends and others progress as well. I have seen kids turn into adults. I have seen fights, arrests, fire works, bad graffiti, broken bones, tickets, photo shoots, and bangers do down here. My skatepark is on the corner of Southwood and Highway 28. It is somewhat surrounded be trees, which facilitate the non-existent male restroom and secluded hang out spot. The skatepark it-self has 6 features to it, although I have seen an additional ten come and go. For many years my friends and my own shoes and skateboards have reseted on a telephone wire, and tree. The wire was cleared this summer after 6 years. The tree is the new resting spot for old gear.

I feel as if this place has a history to it, and can be related to skateparks across the world. If it were to be a film with a fictional character; I would like to see a young impressional mind witness the construction and everything else I have witnessed over the years. He would go from abusing the skatepark to respecting it and what it has to offer him and others. The film would show this individual grow from an immature skateboard punk into an adult along with his best friends. This journey would not only follow him but rather his closest friends as well. They would end up going down different paths, but still be together in the end.

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