Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cry of Jazz

1. What do you think of the picture it paints, with music as an expression of political consciousness? Is it a convincing case? Do you think the argument about the development and the "death" of jazz proved accurate?

I guess it works pretty well, in the film Alex i think said something about the white people are taking jazz as their own music. I'm not sure about this, but they didn't create the music but they want to take it for themselves. showing that the whites can't let something be only for the African Americans. As for jazz being dead that is not accurate. Jazz is still made and played to this day and many different forms of music have evolved from jazz.

2. What parts of the film do you find effective? What parts do you find ineffective?

Well the parts that i found effective where when they cut out the band playing and would talk about the different sounds and the meaning. I also found this for me ineffective, because of the music i don't really like jazz, so it was hard to sit thru. Another parts that kind of took away from the video was the cuts when they would only film their head and the audio quality would change to.

3. Do you think this film is still relevant today? Or is it mainly a snapshot of a remote historical moment?

I'm sure that it is still relevant in some parts of the US. but for a majority i think it's just a snapshot of history.

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