Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Response to: Do the Right Thing.

1. I wasn’t assigned a color because of my absence but I picked up on the color yellow when I watched it later. The color doesn’t stand out as something violent or extremely vibrant but more as a neutral I think. Yellow is typically a very calming color and I notice it a lot on customers of Sals in the background. There is a very noticeable yellow tint to some of the film, for example the sunshine and street lamps. It’s a very soft color that gives warmth and depth to a lot of the scenes.

2. I know the typical reaction to Mookie’s action at the climax of the film is a negative one that is characterized as self-righteous but I tend to believe it saved the lives of Sal and his sons. Because of Sal’s non-reaction to Radio’s death I think the riot would have easily gone in an even more negative direction if Mookie hadn’t distracted the crowd by throwing the trash can. It caused a big commotion towards the pizza place and I think his actions were justified.

3. I don’t necessarily think the movie was a political one, even though politics were involved. I think it’s more of a personal story movie with a background in politics using them as a backbone for the plot and reason to spark conflict between characters. There also is no specific political point being proven throughout the film. Politics is just used as an antagonistic character for the most part. 

Kasey Hartsock

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