Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Do the Right Thing...Nick

1…Blue, the acronym for the police force of New York was my color. It appeared a few times when the radio DJ was cooling from down in the evening from the sweltering day. We were also confronted by a vivid dark blue “D” on Mookie’s Dodgers jersey. But for the most part the color blue appeared when New York’s finest came through the neighborhood. I’ tried to make some abstract conclusions or symbolism but came up short given the inconsistent usage of the color.

2….(Wow Chris lots of adjectives to chose from there…) My Feelings about Mookies reaction at the end of the move were strong. He was not a hero he was not pre disposed to his actions nor were they inevitable. I felt his choice was self righteous, short sighted and ignorant. I can understand where Mookie’s emotions resided, the driving force behind his actions, but as humans we strive to achieve an intellect capable of of mitigating and our emotional reactions.

3…In “Do the Right Thing” we are presented with the circumstances prevalent in inner city New York. While the assertion that Spike lee is not taking a side, only presenting a problem is true, the movie is non-the-less a political film. It is political film because it spotlights a hot bed of issues that the political machine must navigate. Spike lees film “Do the Right Thing” put issues of racial tension and injustice center stage for mainstream society to view.

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