Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Response to 'Do the Right Thing'

1. I had the color yellow. In the beginning of the movie, there are many bright, vibrant colors. I immediately noticed that their was a yellow hue in the film. I also noticed that their were a few shots where the sun would peak through windows and create a yellowish color. It gave the movie a feeling of realism and made the summer heat feel real. Another time when i saw the color yellow on the buildings. They had an old yellowish look which made them feel old and rundown.

2. I thought the scene where Mookie threw the trash can through the window showed a lot about his character. Mookie seems to be a good guy for most of the movie, but when he is with his friends I believe he got influenced by his peers to join in uncalled for activities. I think the act was somewhat misguided because under any other circumstances I don't think he would have done that.

3. I think the movie definitely about arguments but also has some political presence. Throughout most of the movies their are arguments, but certain scenes definitely has some politics in it. One of those scenes is when the policeman killed someone who didn't deserve to die. It raised a political issue that some people may take personally. Overall I think the movie was more about arguments in general rather than just politics.

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