Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Woodbridge, California

Woodbridge, California. A small town where everyone knows everyone. It is surrounded by Vineyards and Wineries. With many farmers in the town, every week there is a Farmers Market in nearby downtown Lodi. There is a small lake nearby with a nature trail and river that flow from it. During the summer many people enjoy the local restaurants and kayaking in the lake. In the neighborhoods you will find many people outside with kids playing.

On thursday nights you'll find much of the town in downtown Lodi for the Farmers Market. Kids playing while their parents shop around for the freshest local produce. Many wineries will have booths selling their wine and socializing with friends. Downtown you will find many local shops selling services of products. Another popular hangout is the movie theater. From young children to young adults, the theater is always packed.

A fictional character I see in this town is a mother who has lived in Woodbridge her whole life. She has a husband who is a farmer and makes his own wine. She is a stay at home mom who is busy with her kids. She lives in a neighborhood with many close friends.

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