Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Fight The Power - Do The Right Thing


My color was pink. This color was repeated through out the film in several scenes. I believe my color was more of a wardrobe color rather than one that actually gave meaning to the film. There was only part in the film were I saw it in the background; I can not recall exactly were but it was one of the buildings. After reading Cynthia’s essay, she confirmed my connection to the color. I see pink as being hot and that is the feeling I get from the building. As I stated the color was in the wardrobe of many of the characters. For instance Smiley had a pink shirt, Mookies girl friend also had a pink shirt, as well as his sisters dress and hat. There were several other instances were this color showed up, but I feel that they are not worth mentioning.


I really do not understand why Mookie did that. I believe it was misguided, he should have backed Sal up. Sal was a good guy trying to help Mookie out. It made no sense to me because it seemed as if Sal stood up for Mookie against his son. I understand the tension between Sal’s son Peno and expected to see them get in a fist fight, but that never happened. I really do not understand why the movie went in that direction. Ya, Radio was murdered by the police but I do not see that being Sal’s fault.


In my eyes, I believe the film was not a political film. Yes it obviously dealt with race and the tensions between them. I do not believe it was supposed to spike a real world race right. Rather, I see the film as being entertaining and about a tight nit Brooklyn neighborhood. The one thing I found to be a little political was the theme song, Fight the Power. This song was played through out the movie, but as the video essay stated; there was no real connection to fighting the power. Besides the Police,at first they seemed to be on the side of the African American community. In the end, they killed Radio. Thus they need to fight the power that be!

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