Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Response to Richard Linklater's, 'Before Sunrise'

 As quoted by Price in his article on Director Richard Linklater, 
           'Linklater’s camera follows whatever person happens to walk into and participate in the ongoing conversation. The camera then follows one of the characters on their way to another meeting/conversation'

The unifying aspects of Linklater's films which Price observed are the following. A lack of a typical story line structure of a film.  The characters meander through a philosophical conversation landscape sometimes seemingly spontaneous. This ability for the film to delve into such spontaneous and deep dialogue is also set up by the following aspects. The characters are in their early 20's, and younger teens, more of an age group that is at a transitory space philosophically, dealing with the 'I am'.  There are characters that seem to 'happen' into the films which deepen the character development by introducing banal interaction that spurs conversation and dynamic energy. The intersections of interactions with other characters that 'walk into' the conversation that further build upon scenes and sub plot/ plots.

Style is the world in which the film maker lives, and in turn his representation of his world through his medium, in this case through film.  The angle and gauge at which the film maker takes the viewer deeper into the rabbit hole is all style. The eyes in which he sees, is conveyed through a lens .
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Collaborative approaches to creating an artistic vision seem like a natural approach to this style of film.   When a film relies heavily on dialogue the dynamic sparkle disco effect between the characters needs to be charged. How to get this genius? by collaborating with different age appropriate creative folk and different genders. Some accidentally believe that the muse of creation comes from inside, but the muse is every where around us, our environment, other people.

Through film we can have cathartic experience. Through film we can also become so viscerally involved in the visual stimuli,  that we are enveloped in time and space. We are invited to participate in seeing through the film makers eyes.

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