Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Class is cancelled today (2/16), due to the snow. So enjoy, slide down a hill on your favorite childhood sled -- or maybe have a cozy indoor day and catch up with the two movies for your midterm project. TODAY'S SNOW DAY HAS NO EFFECT ON THE DUE DATE FOR THE FIRST DRAFT OF YOUR MIDTERM PROJECT, DUE A WEEK FROM TODAY. Below is a recap of info on that project, from a previous post (that I was going to review today in class). If you haven't already, please go to the post with the listing of current indy film directors (here), and in the comments section, pick a director who hasn't been claimed in the "comments" yet.

Next week, at the beginning of class, the first draft of your midterm assignment is due. More info on the content for the midterm is in this previous post. The word count for your first draft is a minimum of 2,500 words. This draft can be very rough -- I'd rather you just sit at a computer and vomit out your ramblings than sit stalled looking at a blank screen. The idea is for me to have a chance to edit and push your manuscripts with comments and questions. Of course, make it as good as you can, but don't trip yourself up trying to make it perfect. Give some thought to images you'd like to include (screen captures that may be online).

While the final draft is going to be due on the eighth week of class, the submission of the first draft is an assignment unto itself, that will be graded on its own terms. Failure to turn in a rough draft on time will affect your midterm grade negatively, even if you manage to turn in a good final draft by week eight. I want a hard copy of your rough draft -- if you want to insert some images with the printout, feel free to do so. Do not post your rough draft to the blog -- your final draft will be posted to the blog.

Because the rough draft is due next class, I'm not assigning the usual short writing assignment for the blog this week -- just concentrate on your midterm project.

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