Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Hangover Can Happen To You

The Hangover

After putting a lot of thought into some of the recent movies I have watched, this one came to mind. As I watched it last night it refreshed my memory from the day after Glitch Mob in Reno last week. The movie is about a group of friends going to Vegas for a bachelor party. They start drinking on a roof along with a time-lapse of the city, then they wake up in there room with no idea what happened last night. This is the scene that seems very real to me, because we have all been there I believe; at least once. The rest of the movie is about the friends trying to find the bachelor and piece together there night. They figure it out in the end after they go threw this life changing journey.

Back to the realistic scene, the actual hangover. We have all been there. Waking up and falling over, not having enough coherency to realize there is a tiger in the bathroom (might not be that realistic to have Mike Tyson’s tiger in the bathroom) but the feeling is shared. Not to mention puking at breakfast. Headaches, Nasuea, dizziness; these were all displayed very well in this scene. There was a part in the scene that actually has the same camera angle we reviewed in class; where the camera is attached to the actor. The actor tries to get up and walk to the bathroom but actually passes out on a couch.

As for the type of realism this film used, I am not really sure which word could explain it. Obviously most of the things they figure out would not happen to most of us so in that sense it is not real. But on the other hand it is possible and not to far fetched. I believe the way in which they dealt with the problems was realistic. You would probably try to talk your way out of stealing a cop car, but in reality it probably would not work. So this is an example from movie and real life. As I stated earlier that the actual hangover scene seemed to be the most realistic. Although I am sure if you were to watch this flick you would find more commonalities than just that scene.

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